Cherry Picker

When it comes to accessing hard-to-reach heights or tackling those tricky, seemingly inaccessible spots on a property, cherry picker hire is the ultimate solution.

High reaching equipment for all your upper floor needs.

Opting for a cherry picker ensures safety by eliminating the
risks associated with ladders, all while providing a more convenient alternative to the complexities of scaffold

Our pricing is flexible, with options for hourly rates, half-day rentals (4 hours), and full-day rentals (8 hours), ensuring that you get the best value for your investment. Our cherry pickers cater to a diverse range of professionals and tasks, including:

  • Plumbers, for high-level flue installations
  • Surveyors, conducting building inspections.
  • Electricians, performing lighting and electrical work.
  • TV, Film & Media Companies
  • Property maintenance professionals
  • Decorators and painters
  • Pest control experts
  • Arborists, for tree-related work
  • Roofing specialists, addressing repairs
  • Gutter installation, cleaning, and repair projects
  • Surveying tasks

Our fleet of access equipment is accompanied by licensed and experienced operators, guaranteeing your safety and peace of mind. With a cherry picker, you can effortlessly access extreme heights, free from any obstructions or obstacles. This equipment proves to be a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to scaffolding, ladders, and towers, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

We proudly serve a diverse clientele, including commercial and residential customers. From schools and shopping centres to factories and churches, our services are adaptable to projects of all durations, whether short- term or long-term. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.

Comet Eurosky 21/2/9 Telescopic Platform

A perfect option when looking for an affordable and reliable lift, individualised by its powerful and sturdy construction and ease of use. Fits through exceptionally narrow gaps, with an axle width of 1.3m requires minimum set up space on site.

Maximum working height of 21 metres
200kg platform capacity SWL.
Maximum working outreach radius 9 metres
Vehicle length 7352mm

Versalift VTX240 Telescopic Platform

Lightweight and practical, the demountable mobile hoist is portable and easy to put together ( requires two people ) – the aluminium rails get bolted together quickly – and it is suitable to be placed on most surfaces.

Maximum working height of 24.2 metres
2 x H Frame Outriggers
Rotation 420°
220kg platform capacity SWL.
Maximum working outreach 12.2 metres
Vehicle length 7590 mm
Vehicle traveling Height 2230 mm.


The platform spreads out to 2700 x 1465mm, but these dimensions can be exceeded by the item to be loaded, as long as the load is secure and safe. It can be stopped at different heights to assist in loading and off loading at ground level.

The loading platform rotates for ease of use. Long items can be loaded directly through a window or doorway. When the platform reaches window level, it can be pulled towards the user to assist in off loading.

All sides fold down independently, allowing various configurations. A secure box for small goods, a channel for long items, and a flat floor for larger goods. There are plenty of convenient tie-down points for complete safety.

The load can be precisely levelled with the adjustable legs and the telescopic ladder sections give a large height range.

The winching mechanism is electronically controlled, with soft start, normal travel and automatic soft stop. A control box on the top section allows the platform to be lowered to ground level.

The carriage wheels are made from industrial nylon for smooth running and the pneumatic wheels protect the building – these can be ex-tended for stability or to straddle larger openings.