Lifting and moving those heavy construction materials has never been easier with our selection of lifts.


Make house removals so much quicker and smoother with our Truck Mounted, Demountable or Platform lifts.


The 240V Demountable lift is suitable for self-hire so you can get on with the job at your own convenience.

Introducing high reaching equipment for all those upper floor needs.

It all began when we identified a need within the removals industry for a safe and efficient system of raising furniture to upper floor levels. From there we realised this method of transportation could be made use of in other industry areas, such as construction.

We have three different types of external elevators for hoisting goods, furniture and equipment to height; this is a quick, efficient and economical way to hoist up a known quantity during a delivery or move.

Please contact us so we can help you make the right decision depending on the job you want to complete; there are several factors to consider when selecting the right elevator. We also offer our equipment for self-hire.

High Reach Systems help you move bulky items or those in an awkward location in minutes making your job a whole lot easier – give it a try!